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How You Can Make More Money During The Holidays as a Virtual Assistant

The holidays are close and at this time you have the opportunity to learn how to make more money as a virtual assistant. The extra bucks will help you survive the current high inflation that has left around 70% of Americans looking for an extra source of income to combat the rising prices.

The best thing about being a virtual assistant is the versatility, of being able to enjoy your holiday while earning extra $$$. Thanks to a flexible working schedule, you can work a few hours before joining your family for Thanksgiving dinner.

Now, let’s find out the ways to earn some extra money during the holidays.

1. Product Marketing and Promotions

According to the National Retail Federation, holiday sales represent 20-30% of the annual sales across most industries. That means many businesses experience a peak during the holidays.

Hence why most businesses try to maximize their sales during the holiday season. Businesses are not afraid to spend on marketing to attract more customers during the holiday season.

Marketing Revolution reveals that over 85.4% of internet users search for information online at least once per month. Moreover, over 66% of American shoppers research online before shopping at a brick-and-mortar store.

These statistics emphasize why digital marketing is effective for businesses trying to reach a large portion of potential holiday shoppers. The most effective digital marketing techniques include

  • Email marketing

  • Social media marketing

  • SEO positioning

  • Content marketing

  • Webinar production

  • Influencer marketing

All these strategies represent potential marketing gigs. You can use your marketing skills as a virtual assistant to help businesses attract more customers to their stores using these strategies.

2. Managing Client Emails

Although many business owners take a break during the holidays, not all of their business clients will be taking holiday breaks.

Therefore, such business owners prefer to hire a virtual assistant who will manage their emails while they are on a break. The VA is responsible for responding to client inquiries, sorting emails, and letting the customers know that the client is on a scheduled holiday break.

The client may also task you with preparing and scheduling holiday messages for the client’s mailing list. It is a common courtesy for businesses to send personalized holiday wishes to their customers.

As an email marketing virtual assistant, you will create and schedule such emails on behalf of your clients.

3. Customer Service Agent

In some cases, the holiday season is the busiest for businesses using email marketing to reach out to their holiday shoppers. Therefore, customers will be using emails frequently to contact the business for inquiries.

The inquiries may range from information about a product, delivery times, promotions available, or order tracking information. Some of this information may require specific responses that chatbots cannot necessarily provide.

That necessitates the need for a virtual service agent who will offer timely responses to the customer. You will also be tasked with helping customers with other challenges they may face while placing orders.

Don’t forget the phone traffic businesses experience during the holiday season. There will always be businesses looking for seasonal customer service agents who can help them handle this phone traffic. Search for these jobs using the right keywords on Google and LinkedIn, and you may be lucky to get a few clients who need this service.

4. Designing Holiday Cards

If your specialization is graphics design, then the holiday season would not have been better for you. One of the holiday traditions in America is sending out holiday cards.

A personalized holiday card sends the message that you think highly of the person you are sending the card to. Therefore, you can design cards with creatively personalized holiday messages and sell them on online platforms like Etsy.

Such a gig may land you bigger gigs with numerous businesses that want to send holiday cards to their customers. They will hire you to design holiday cards for them.

5. Social Media Management

The holiday season is among the best times to run a social media campaign. Customers are active on social media, looking for businesses offering holiday sale offers.

It is a season when customers expect some form of marketing from businesses. Therefore, businesses try to maximize this opportunity as much as possible.

As a social media virtual assistant, now would be the right time to take advantage of this opportunity. You can help clients create social media campaigns that help boost their holiday sales.

Clients who are active on social media expect to be engaged. You will provide timely feedback to customers on all your client’s social media accounts.

It is also a convenient period to generate new business leads on social media. You can capitalize on the customer’s good mood to encourage them to join the business’s mailing list.

Learn More Tips to Make Money as a Virtual Assistant

We got more tips for you if you want to make more money as a virtual assistant. You can learn these tips by interacting with our experienced virtual assistants in the Royal VA Community. Follow the link to become a member of one of the largest online VA communities.

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