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Online Portfolio for Virtual Assistants- 5 Free Platforms to Create Your Portfolio Today

An online portfolio for virtual assistants will make clients recognize you faster than a traditional resume. Because today, a dominant online presence may spin your career as a virtual assistant in the right direction.

An online portfolio is your way of introducing potential clients to your work. You use it to inform clients that you are a digital marketer, graphics designer, social media manager, content writer, or programmer.

It also shows clients the skills or experiences that distinguish you from the rest in your profession. To help you create one, we’ll show you five platforms you should launch your portfolio today.

Why an Online Portfolio is Critical in Landing New Jobs

The essence of an excellent portfolio platform is to put you in front of the right people. An online virtual assistant portfolio contains a collection of your work and highlights your skill set and abilities. A winning portfolio should include the following details:

  • Work samples

  • Case studies

  • Customer testimonials

  • Relevant work experience

  • Skills relevant to your VA career

Now that you have your portfolio ready, here are platforms you can place your portfolio.

1. Behance

You probably have heard of Behance among other freelancers and wondered what it is. And there are good reasons for its popularity.

It is an excellent free option for a virtual assistant who lacks the resources to create a personal self-hosted portfolio website. Note that it is a better platform for you if there are any visual aspects to your work. For example, graphic designers, photographers, or social media managers.

It allows you to showcase some of your best work samples. You will love that the platform hosts a large community of similar professionals.

Therefore, you can always look forward to helpful feedback on your work. Moreover, the large community creates a networking opportunity.

The platform is also famous among firms and recruiters looking for talents. You can be sure that your unique portfolio will not go unnoticed by potential employers. There is also a job listings board where you can search for new job opportunities.

2. Dribble

Dribble is another popular platform among virtual assistants. The reason for its popularity is that you have an opportunity to share your projects while they are in progress.

If you are a graphics or website designer, you can already sense this huge opportunity. It is an opportunity for you to receive valuable feedback from other creatives.

You can upload a few screenshots here and there as your project progresses. The input you receive from your peers may help you improve your creativity levels.

Recruiters also favor the site. Uploading the progress of your work creates the impression among recruiters that you are the one working on the project as opposed to a completed project that could be anyone's job.

3. Adobe Portfolio

Adobe Portfolio offers you more options in publishing your portfolio. It allows you to develop a stylish and high-quality personal portfolio webpage more creatively. Therefore, this could be your chance to shine by showing off your creativity levels to potential employers.

Moreover, the platform expands your audience reach as it can be integrated with Adobe Lightroom and Behance. Also, you can sync design revisions to Behance for free.

4. Coroflot

Coroflot has striking similarities with Dribble and Behance, especially content-wise. It allows you to create your profile and portfolio to share your work with the rest of the design community.

It is also one of the popular design communities, as evidenced by over 150,000 projects published monthly. Therefore, it can be a good platform for expanding your networks.

Moreover, such a popular community means that it is also attractive to recruiters. It has a Coroflot's Employers dashboard where employers can log in when looking for talents to hire.

Coroflot also offers you the opportunity to seek your desired job position under the jobs board. The board includes a "salaries" section to allow you to choose a job that meets your salary expectations.

5. Journo Portfolio

You are probably wondering where you can publish your portfolio as a content writer. Journo Portfolio is one such free platform where you can publish your portfolio.

The platform is simple and effective. It is tailored to suit the needs of professional writers, bloggers, and journalists looking to publish their portfolios.

The free plan allows you to customize your home page using one of the ten distinctive themes available. You can also host up to ten articles on your portfolio. You can upload an unlimited number of articles by upgrading to one of their premium plans.

Journo Portfolio also has some other exciting features. It contains a google analytics integration. Hence you can tell how many people have visited your portfolio website. Moreover, it has a live preview editor to allow you to view your site's progress and get an idea of what it will look like after you are done.

Are You Having any Trouble Creating an Online Portfolio for Virtual Assistant?

You now have the chance to learn how to create an online portfolio for virtual assistant and publish it on the platforms we discussed here. Join the Royal VA Academy today and learn how the other experts are doing it. We are a community of VAs who share ideas to help each other grow.

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