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The Complete Social Media Client Onboarding Checklist

If you haven’t now is the time to complete the social media client onboarding checklist before you win your next social media management client. Setting up your business is a great achievement, and we understand why you might be tempted to start hunting for clients right away.

But as the saying goes, you may have gotten the girl, but you still need to make a good first impression on your first date. That is what the onboarding process is all about. You need it to make a good and lasting impression on your future clients.

Therefore, let’s go over the checklist that will enable you to create that lasting impression.

The Importance of Social Media Client Onboarding Process

Client onboarding is the process of welcoming and integrating new clients into your business. It is an opportunity to introduce the client to your business and provide them with information that would help cultivate a long-term relationship.

The client onboarding process will help you clear any doubts the client may harbor about your ability to help them achieve their social media marketing goals.

The client onboarding process is also an opportunity for you to learn about each other’s business. The onboarding questionnaire should get you all the information you need about the client’s business. That includes the objectives they hope you will help them achieve by offering your social media management services.

Therefore, here is a checklist to help you achieve these client onboarding benefits.

Send a Contract and Invoice

Securing your client’s full commitment is the first and crucial step in the client onboarding process. It is not unusual for clients to change their minds at the last minute.

Therefore, having a working contract and payment guarantees that your journey together has begun. The agreement outlines the terms of your working relationship.

Use software like QuickBooks or FreshBooks to create a professional invoice. Your contract should outline the payment options available to the client, like credit card or PayPal.

Add the Client to Your Automated CRM Tool

Now that you have all the contracts signed and invoices paid, it’s time to integrate the client into your business systems. It makes it easier for you and your team to plan, deliver tasks, communicate and approve the tasks on a single platform. Examples of such tools are Dubsado, HubSpot, or ClickUp.

Such is the kind of business integration that gives your client the confidence that you can deliver on the agreed targets.

Schedule a Zoom Meeting with the Client

The onboarding process can proceed without you meeting the client in person. However, it would be best if you extended your new client the courtesy of having a virtual meeting where you can talk face-to-face.

Use the opportunity to officially welcome the client’s into your business and set the expectations straight about what it’s like to work with you. Also, it is your chance to share or demonstrate practical aspects of using your business automation tools like the CRM tool you added.

Send a Client Onboarding Questionnaire

The client onboarding process is your first date. Here is your chance to satisfy all your curiosity about your client and their business.

The curiosity is not in vain. It is an excellent way to fill in the gaps about your client. The information you gain should help you discover how you can help your client achieve their social media marketing goals.

Here is a sample of questions to include in this questionnaire.

  • What are your business and marketing goals?

  • What are the challenges you currently face in achieving these goals?

  • What social media marketing tools are you currently using?

  • What is your current social media strategy?

  • What is the ‘personality’ and ‘tone’ of your brand?

  • Who is your marketing target audience?

  • What are the top 10 questions most of their clients ask?

  • What do you like or dislike about your current marketing strategy?

  • How do you want the target to FEEL after seeing the brand, website, or advertisement?

  • Who are your main competitors?

  • What is your business’s unique value proposition?

  • What is your preferred method of communication?

  • Is there any other information you would love to share about your business?

Request and Confirm Access to the Client’s Social Media Accounts

Now that you understand your job, it’s time to get the wheels turning. You will need the client’s authorization to access their social media accounts, which will be your new project site. You can also make the client’s social media platforms to your various social media management tools such as TweetDeck.

Set a Welcome Email Sequence

Remember how you send the lucky partner a “Thank You” message after the first dinner? It is a common courtesy to show your appreciation for the effort and if things go well, probably plan for a second date.

It would be best if you were kind enough to extend a similar courtesy to your new client. Only this time, you do it through a series of emails. The first of these emails should be a welcome email and inform the client that they may be expecting such forms of communication in the future.

Learn More About Completing your Social Media Client Onboarding Checklist

The client onboarding process will be much easier and more efficient when you automate your business systems. Automating will eliminate tedious, repetitive, and boring manual tasks.

Let us streamline your onboarding process today by automating and saving you a huge chunk of time you spend in your manual process. You’ll have more time and resources to spend on things that truly matter in your business.


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