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The Dos and Don'ts of Running a Successful Executive Assistant Website

Having a competitive executive assistant website could be the break you need this year. Take a pause and think about it.

An executive assistant is like the chief of staff to the president. Your boss expects you to always have the right solution for every challenge that arises in the workplace. And as such, you will be the first the boss contacts when they need a solution.

Therefore, we can agree that creativity and a thinking-out-of-the-box attitude are needed to be a successful executive assistant. Developing a successful website is one of the ways potential clients can gauge your creativity.

That is the level of creativity your clients will expect from you as their right-hand man or woman in your new position. So, here’s how to ensure that your executive assistant website attracts and converts all these potential clients.

Do Make Your Homepage Standout

First, you want your executive assistant website to capture and convert potential clients. For that to happen, your website should be able to create a lasting first impression.

That means being able to stand out from the large crowd of other competing executive assistant websites. Your homepage is the first place potential clients land when they enter your website.

Unfortunately, your homepage has little time to impress them and make them stay longer. To be precise, one of the studies estimated that a website visitor would spend about 0.05 seconds (50 milliseconds) deciding whether to stay or leave your website.

You can see how little time your homepage got to create an impression on your clients. But you can make your client stay by doing the following:

  • Include an attractive layout- even if you hate returning to a disorganized house. Why should your website visitors endure staying on a website with poor themes and invisible content?

  • Improve website responsiveness- if it takes a long time to load, you can be sure a potential client isn't waiting that long.

  • Improve website navigability- It should be easy for the client to find what they want with clearly labeled tabs and a navigation menu.

  • Make your homepage visually engaging- everyone loves the good-looking things in life. It is no exception with your homepage. Include relevant images and videos but ensure they don't slow your site.

Do Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

As an executive assistant, you don't need reminders of the importance of smartphones in the digital economy. You, too, probably rely on your smartphone, to get most of your work done.

Potential website visitors will not wait till they get to the office or home to access a computer and research for potential executive assistants to hire. The primary reason they are hiring an assistant in the first place is that they have a busy, hectic schedule.

Therefore, they can only spare time to look at potential candidates during a coffee break. And they will most likely be using their smartphone to search for executive assistants to hire.

It will not require the client 50 milliseconds to chalk you off the list if your website is not mobile-responsive. Remember, mobile navigability also includes aspects such as how fast your website loads on a mobile device.

On the bright side, you can conduct mobile responsiveness tests on your website to know where it stands.

Do Pay Attention to Your SEO

Your website will not help you convert potential clients if they don't get to it. And they will never see it unless it ranks on the first page of the search engines.

Search engine optimization helps you achieve that. It would be best if you had SEO to develop content that helps your ranks. It boils down to knowing the keywords to use in your website content and the content you need to direct traffic to your site.

Do Include a Creative Call to Action

The success of your website can be measured by the number of successful visitors it helps convert into paying customers. But how can it do this if it lacks the mechanisms to convert these website visitors?

What is the point of impressing a partner you like and never asking them out on a date? Your call to action button is asking your potential clients out on a date.

If they love what they have seen on your website, then they will click the CTA button. It is an invitation to further discuss how you can be of service to them.

As such, you should make your CTA stand out. It should be the automatic answer to the client's question while visiting your site.

Don't Overstuff Your Website

Please avoid the temptation to overshare on your website. It will do more harm than good to your site.

Filling up your homepage makes it less appealing. For example, your website needs images on the homepage, but that doesn't mean including one in every section.

Follow the rule of less is more when designing your homepage. Only share the vital content and include specific keywords to make it visible in the search engines.

Make white spaces your secret weapon to declutter your homepage. White spaces make your homepage and content appealing to website visitors.

Don't Include a Contact CTA on Your Homepage

It may seem the most obvious thing to do, but it may not be the wisest. The only reason a website visitor may immediately want your contact information is if they specifically visited the website to get it.

But normally, a client may want to know you better before even considering contacting you. Therefore, you may have a contact page on your website but not necessarily include it as a CTA.

Instead, your CTA should focus on getting the client to make decisions that may lead to sharing contact information. For example, book an appointment with you. Or explore your executive assistant packages.

Don't Oversell Yourself

The rules of dating are almost similar to those of digital marketing. Overselling yourself starts to make you look desperate to potential clients. And no one wants that for an executive assistant.

Clients want an executive assistant who is confident of their abilities. Trying to oversell yourself doesn't signal that you are confident in yourself.

Learn More Dos and Don'ts about Executive Assistant Website

There is still much you can learn on how to improve your Executive assistant website by joining the Royal VA Community today. Here, you will meet with other executive assistants and virtual assistants who are ready to share tips on improving your chances of getting hired.

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