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Virtual Assistant Business Names: 5 Creative Ways to Choose One

Virtual assistants struggle to choose their virtual assistant business names just like other business owners. You decide that you want to be a VA today, but then, you can’t settle on a name.

Today, you have a name in mind and decide to use it. Only for you to drop it the next day for reasons only you can tell. Such indecisiveness on business names may slow your business. Remember, 77% of consumers online buy from a business because of their brand name. So, the earlier you create a brand name that sticks in people’s minds, the earlier you’ll start generating those sales figures you’re hoping for.

If you’re not careful, you may get stuck at the starting line for weeks or months without making a step forward. But that shouldn’t be a problem if you follow these 5 creative ways to choose a business name that will be your brand.

virtual assistant business names

Choose a Unique Name

Most people are using their initials to create a business name. While that may be a good strategy, it’s old-fashioned. If you’re bored by this strategy, how about creating a unique name? It doesn’t have to include your initials.

For example, if you’re a content writer, you can go for names such as ‘fresh content’, ‘notebook corner’, ‘crafty content’, and more. These are just a few examples. When you’re going for unique virtual assistant business names, there is no other formula except being creative.

Consider a Formal or Professional Business Name

Now, if you’re the type that prefers formality, you can choose a professional business name. However, remember that your professional name should be simple and memorable. It should also reflect your virtual assistant skills.

Combine words that depict your professionalism. For example, you can go for professional, creative, virtual, remote, timely, and others.

virtual assistant business names

Use Your Name

This is the simplest of all methods if you want to build a brand that reflects your personality. Solopreneurs love this technique because it creates a brand name that stands for their personality, values, and beliefs.

Using your name may also help you compete against the over 30 million businesses that are on Facebook alone. The name will be easy to remember for your existing and potential customers.

Avoid Trademarked Names

While choosing your virtual assistant business names, you need to remember that ignorance is no defense. What we mean here is that you have to research and ensure you don’t choose an already trademarked name.

Using such a name may bring up troubles for your business before it picks up. And you don’t want to be spending your time and money on unnecessary lawsuits. So, choose a name and check whether it’s trademarked before making it official.

virtual assistant business names

Avoid Contradicting Names

Avoid names that will confuse your customers. For example, don’t use the name ‘free’ anywhere if you’re not offering free services. Other things you need to avoid when coming up with a virtual assistant business name include:

  1. Avoid names that are too long.

  2. Avoid misspelling your name.

  3. Don’t manipulate other businesses ’ names.

  4. Avoid names that are too difficult to spell

  5. Avoid cliches and too many symbols on your name

Have You Come Up with a Name Yet?

If you want your virtual assistant business to pick up soon, you need to choose your business name and get done with it as soon as you can. And if this sounds like an issue for you, join our royal VA community where you’ll learn the comprehensive steps you should take to create your business name, make it official, and brand it.

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