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What are Targeted Emails and Why You Should Send Them to Get More Sales

Every business owner should know what are targeted emails and understand why they should use them to get more sales. That’s because, like most business strategies, email marketing tactics are also changing, fueled by technological advances and customer preferences.

In 2023, people are sending over 347.3 billion emails daily. Such statistics don't leave you many choices but to employ better email marketing techniques to improve customers' chances of reading your emails.

Here’s how to use targeted emails to improve your ROI on email marketing.

What Are Targeted Emails

Targeted emails are personalized emails sent to specific subscribers. Targeted email marketing is a strategy that will improve your ROI, sales, and revenues as it allows you to send personalized content to your subscribers' inboxes for the right marketing reasons.

The process of sending targeted emails starts with segmenting your subscribers into various categories based on buying behavior and or demographic characteristics.

That means you already need to have an automated marketing system in place. It is the only assured way of collecting the updated customer data you need for this segmentation.

Examples of targeted email marketing campaigns include:

  • Welcome email

  • Personalized product recommendation email campaigns

  • Upsell email campaigns

  • Abandoned cart email

  • Re-engagement email

Why You Should Send Target Emails to Get More Sales

You should be able to enjoy the following benefits if you do your targeted email marketing right.

1. Better Email Relevancy

As mentioned, you begin the whole process by segmenting your customer base. Segmenting your customers helps you improve the relevancy of the emails you send to your target customers.

Segmentation is the difference between sending a welcome email to all your customers and sending such an email only to a customer who just joined your mailing list. Sending only relevant emails to your customers also minimizes the money you spend on your email marketing campaigns.

2. Improved Customer Engagement

Improved email relevancy comes with the added benefit of improved customer email engagement. The level of customer engagement with your email increases once they have a genuine interest in your emails.

Other than that, the only interest customers will have in your email is sending them to the spam or trash. However, you can avoid this by sending your customers targeted emails.

It will be like delivering the news your customer has been waiting for all along. For example, imagine you are emailing your customers about your late Christmas offers on selected holiday gifts.

Now that's an email that will generate enough interest and engagement from your target customers. It is Christmas, and the gifts you offer are on top of their shopping list.

Moreover, personalized emails also encourage customer loyalty resulting in improved customer experience. 91% of customers will choose and remain loyal to brands that remember them and provides them with relevant offers and recommendations.

That’s because there’s a feeling of excitement when you find an email addressed to you with your name. It creates some curiosity, and you just want to open the email and find out more.

3. Improve Your Email Marketing ROI

Sending relevant emails to your target customers improves their customer experience and engagement. That increases your chances of converting your leads into paying customers.

Segmentation allows you to understand your customers' preferences and offers that appeal to them. That generates enough interest from your customers, which improves customer engagement with your emails. Customer engagement with your emails will then boost the ROI for your email marketing efforts.

4. It Allows You to Locate Potential Customers

Maybe you are already complaining about your business's hard economic times. Therefore, you cannot afford to waste your business resource implementing an email marketing strategy that is not focused on your target customers.

Narrowing down your target customers helps you focus on your smaller target customer. Targeted email marketing allows you to segment your potential customers into several marketing niches.

That makes it easier to send targeted emails to each market niche depending on the unique needs. Moreover, you understand your customers better and will be able to write emails that convert.

Doing enough research makes developing email content that engages and converts potential customers less complicated. You will have the right content to cold pitch to prospective customers and slowly start developing a relationship with the potential customers using targeted emails.

5. You Can Track Targeted Email Marketing Performances

Your targeted email marketing campaign success is dependent on using up-to-date and relevant email marketing tools. Using email marketing tools, such as Mailchimp, MailerLite, or even HubSpot, comes with added advantages.

Such tools allow you to track the performance of your targeted email marketing campaigns. You can track performance using metrics such as:

  • Email delivery rates

  • Bounced emails

  • Customer email response rates

  • Customer email open rates

  • Email click-through rates

  • Email list subscription and un-subscription rates

Measuring this performance helps you gain more insight into your target customers. You gain more information about your target customers that you can use to build a better buyer persona.

Such performance measures also help you establish how close you are to achieving your targeted email marketing goals. For example, how far are you from achieving your email marketing ROI goals?

Use Our Service to Set Up Your Email Marketing Systems

Your journey to more sales through target email marketing begins here. All you need is an email marketing system setup for you. Combine this with the tips you learned today, and you are all set to achieve a high ROI.


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