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What to Include in Your Virtual Assistant Contract

Some virtual assistants start working as soon as they sign their clients’ contracts and forget all about their virtual assistant contract. But even though the client’s contract may work, it may not fully protect you as an independent contractor.

So, you need to prepare your contract that the clients will also sign before you begin your working relationship. And you need a good contract that states all your terms clearly. So, if you’re yet to develop a contract, here are three things you must include to make it a strong one.

virtual assistant contract

Payment Terms

As a virtual assistant, you’re now operating your business under your own terms. You determine how much you, when, and how you want clients to pay you. Therefore, you must have these details in your contract. Here is a list of things to include in this section:

  1. When will your invoice be due?

  2. How much will you be paid? Specify whether it’s hourly or project rate.

  3. Which method of payment should clients use?

  4. What will happen when clients don’t pay you as agreed?


You may think the deliverables are not important until you meet a client who expects more than what they bargained for. To avoid such confrontations, ensure you have the deliverables section in your contract.

Clearly state what work you will be doing for the client. You can create a list of everything you’ll be doing for the client.

virtual assistant contract

Non-disclosure Clause

Once you start working, you’ll realize that clients prefer working with people they can trust. They want to be assured that you won’t share details of their company with competitors or other people that may use such information maliciously.

Therefore, you should have the confidentiality clause in your virtual assistant contract. It assures clients that they can trust and rely on you.

Have You Developed Your VA Contract Yet?

If you want your virtual assistant life to be smooth, you need a contract that outlines what you will do for your clients. Some things to include in the contract include the confidentiality clause and the payment terms.

If you need to know more about this, join our VA community where you’ll learn more about creating a complete contract.

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