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Where to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners

When starting your virtual assistant business, you should look for work on platforms with virtual assistant jobs for beginners. Yes, you can find work on any platform. However, as a beginner, it’s easier when you start looking on platforms that are beginner-friendly.

As you gain more experience and build a portfolio, it gets easier to score work from any other platform. So, here are the places you can start looking for work right now.

virtual assistant jobs for beginners


We love Upwork because it is friendly for beginners and experts alike. Clients post work on the platform and specify the level of expertise they are looking for. Therefore, it’s easy to sort jobs for beginners from those that require experts with years of experience.

On this platform, you can also sort jobs based on the client’s budget, and the length the project will take. Hop on to the platform today, fill your profile, and start looking for work in your niche.

Facebook Groups

When you choose a niche, it’s important that you join virtual assistant groups within your niche. In the groups, find job posts and sort those that are looking for beginners. Apply to these jobs and if you’re lucky, you might sign a long-term client.

We would advise that you also join groups where your ideal clients hang out. For example, you can join mum groups and business groups. Engage with others in the group and you may be lucky enough to get a client to contact you directly.


As you might have guessed, LinkedIn is also one of the leading job platforms for beginners. Join the platform, fill your profile, and start looking for virtual assistant jobs for beginners on the jobs and posts sections. We’ve heard of clients who have signed clients from LinkedIn and worked with them for years. So, join the platform and start searching. Also, optimize your profile so you can be found.

virtual assistant jobs for beginners

Join These Platforms Today and Start Building Your Business

We’re not saying it’s impossible to get jobs from other platforms. These are just a few that you can join with less pressure. Since you need clients to keep your business going, join many platforms and start applying for jobs today.

If you don’t know how to get started, you’re welcome to join our VA academy and learn how to set up your business first.

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