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6 Areas to Automate Your Business with Zapier and Save Hundreds of Hours

There are numerous reasons to automate your business with Zapier as an entrepreneur. As a small business owner dealing with bottlenecks every day, any chance you get to eliminate the recurring tasks off your to-do list is highly welcome.

Business automation eliminates tedious, repetitive tasks. It also saves you substantial operating costs, which should be music to your ears during these challenging economic times.

Zapier is one of the best business automation systems. Find out how Zapier will make your life easy and save you hundreds of hours.

Automating with Zapier

Zapier is an automation tool that allows you to automate workflows and integrate web applications in your business. Zapier employs the concept of "Zaps," which are robust workflows that automate your business processes.

Zaps are like invisible robots working for you behind the scenes. They enable you to manage multiple business processes. Zapier enables integration of over 5,000 online apps to perform most of your business tasks under a single platform.

Imagine being able to send marketing emails, you're your team's communications, and have customers service your invoice without having to open multiple tabs on your desktop.

In addition, Zapier enables you to create automated systems for all your critical business workflows, saving task completion times. And all this is possible without writing a single line of code. Begin your automation journey with Zapier by automating the following tasks in your business.

1. Email Marketing

Emails marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. Your business can generate $36 for every $1 you spend on email marketing.

However, you will most likely not achieve this feat if you still do your email marketing manually. It will take longer to reply to your customers' emails or market to them under a manual system.

But Zapier automation allows you to achieve high ROI in your email marketing efforts. You need to only integrate your email automation tool like MailChimp, Hubspot, or Drip into Zapier.

Integrating these email automation tools into Zapier blends well with your lead generation and nurturing strategy. For example, whenever a new client signs up for your ClickUp, Zapier will instantly send a zap (trigger) to your email automation tool and adds a "newsletter" tag to your new customer.

That is the cue for preparing a customized welcome email to the new customer. The email welcomes the new subscriber into your business's newsletter and sends them the current edition.

That is all the manual work you or your team got to do in that regard. From there, scheduling and sending future newsletters to the new client will be automatic.

2. Finance and Accounting

Accounting and finance departments have their fair share of repetitive tasks. Yet you can eliminate most of the tasks you perform relating to accounting and bookkeeping through effective automation.

You no longer have to worry about accounting errors you make when manually maintaining your books. Automating with Zapier does all the hard work for you.

The secret is to integrate your accounting software like QuickBooks Online into Zapier. Once you have done that, Zapier will track all your business expenses and service provider fees in this accounting software. Once you have consolidated all the information in your accounting software, you will export the data to spreadsheets to prepare your financial reports.

Another repetitive task in accounting is client invoicing. Zapier lets you create your own automated workflow with more customized information for specific client invoices.

If you receive payments from a new customer using PayPal or Stripe, Zapier will add them to your contact list and tag them for future communications. The customized payment workflows you create using Zapier also allow the system to send your clients auto-generated thank-you emails after the payment.

3. Customer Support

The basic principle of an excellent customer experience is a timely response to their inquiries and personalized communications. Therefore, you need helpdesk tools like Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Intercom for customer automation.

The next step is for you to integrate the tool you have into Zapier. Such an integrated customer support system improves efficiency in resolving customer issues.

For example, Zapier workflows automatically generate helpdesk tickets for customers contacting your customer care desk. The automated ticketing system will establish an order your customer support personnel will follow to respond to customer inquiries. Customers will also use the ticket to track resolutions with your support department.

You can also use Zapier workflows to foster customer relationships. The workflows will help you schedule customer relationship emails in advance, such as client birthday emails or business anniversaries.

4. Project Management

As an entrepreneur, you can attest that project management involves many tasks involving every team member. If left unchecked, there is a high possibility for duplication of efforts by your staff members and high delays due to communication breakdown.

Automation helps you manage the mess by breaking the project into small manageable tasks using automation tools like Trello, ClickUp, or Asana. These are the manageable tasks you assign to each team member.

But again, you can see the process becomes repetitive if you have to do it every time there is a project. Therefore, you can further automate the process by integrating your automated project management tool into Zapier.

With Zapier integrations, you don't have to keep creating lists, cards, or tasks for every project. Instead, you will use zaps to create jobs based on an automatic schedule dependent on how you and your team work.

That also includes tasks you want to assign outside your project management tool to your team members. For example, you can automatically use the same zaps to create tasks from a project on your email, provided it is also integrated into Zapier.

When you automate the communication process, collaboration is also easier between your team members. You just have to integrate Slack Zapier, and every team member will get instant notification of communication by other team members regarding the project.

And yes, you thought right; you can also accurately track time by integrating time-tracking tools such as Timely or Clockify into Zapier. You may also use ClickUp for time-tracking to avoid using too many automation tools. The best part about it is that the time tracked is what you use to create billing invoices for your clients automatically.

5. Social Media Management

How you distribute your content is equally essential to success in your social media marketing. It is not an easy task preparing content and posting it on all your social media platforms every day.

Imagine that all this effort would be for nothing if you didn't have the right distribution strategy. But you can achieve your social media marketing goals by integrating your social media management tool like Buffer to Zapier.

At least you can breathe a sigh of relief when you have Zapier integration as part of your social media marketing strategy. You create workflows allowing seamless cross-posting across all your social media pages. Therefore, whenever you post on Facebook, it will create a trigger also to create a new tweet. It will also send the tweets to your LinkedIn page or your Instagram.

Zapier also allows you to create updates on your social media pages automatically. That includes repurposing your content across various social media platforms without having to post several times manually.

Zapier also simplifies your process of scheduling your social media posts. The software allows you to automate scheduling your social media posts for easier posting.

6. Human Resource

Therefore, human resources is one department that can greatly benefit from automating the processes involved. The automation process with Zapier can start at the recruitment stage. Zapier integrates with recruitment tools like Workable, allowing to automate the collection of applications and resumes.

Zapier will then send Zaps to your HR department to inform them of any new leads in an advertised position. Moreover, it enables you to create better relationships with potential candidates by automatically sending them confirmation emails for their job applications.

Again your recruitment does not have to worry about scheduling interviews with prospective candidates as Zapier has them covered on this too.

The onboarding process is essential in HRM but also time-consuming for the HR team. Automating through Zapier reduces the amount of onboarding workload for your HR team. HR uses Zapier automation to orient the recruit into your business automation system.

As you can imagine, this will be a more straightforward process as most of the automation tools you use in your business are already integrated into Zapier.

Integrate Your Business Systems with Zapier Today

Now you know why your competitors are gaining a competitive advantage over you. They are saving time and performing their tasks more efficiently due to automation with Zapier. We’ll help you achieve a similar feat by helping you automate your business with Zapier. We will also streamline your business systems for you to enjoy maximum benefits.

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