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6 Top Rated Virtual Assistant Training Programs for Beginners

As a beginner, it’s important to join one of the top-rated virtual assistant training programs. It’ll help you settle quickly and be focused. In a program, you’ll learn much faster and start working with clients as soon as you’re done with the program.

When you identify the right program, it’ll equip you with the right skills. You’ll also learn the ropes of surviving in the industry that you wouldn’t learn elsewhere.

We’ll help you save time by showing you the 6 top-rated programs below. Get your pen and paper ready and let’s start.

1. SkillShare

SkillShare is another beginner-friendly platform that offers a wide range of virtual assistant courses. Here, you’ll find general virtual assistant courses as well as specialized courses such as graphic and web design.

Once you buy your monthly subscription on SkillShare, you can learn as many courses as possible. However, if you cannot afford to subscribe monthly, you can use this trick.

Sign up for the free trial and learn all that you want before your trial ends. If you don’t wish to continue, cancel the renewal before your free trial ends. When you’re ready to buy a subscription, come back and continue learning the courses that’ll change your life for the better.

2. Udemy

As a beginner, you want an affordable course that’ll not use up all your capital. So that once you’re done with the program, you can start your business right away.

Udemy has a collection of virtual assistant courses. Some are free while others range from $13.99 to $99. You can see there’s flexibility on Udemy. You can start with an affordable course.

Then when you have the finances, you can buy one of the expensive courses that you feel is best for you.

The benefits of taking one of the courses here include:

  • You can learn anytime once you buy the course

  • The course remains in your dashboard for a lifetime after you purchase it

  • Some instructors are so kind that they’ll give you access to the course updates for free

  • Each course has ratings so you can identify good instructors based on how previous students rate them.

The only con we can think of at the moment is that some good courses may be too expensive. But you can start with a cheap one and advance as you grow your business.

3. Alison

Alison is another beginner-friendly platform with good virtual assistant programs. You’ll love it because you can find advanced courses and learn them for free. They’ll also give you a certificate when you study a certification course on the platform.

The only thing you may not like about Alison is that you have to endure the Ads. They will bother you at times. But, as someone who wants to gain top-rated skills for free, they shouldn’t be a bother. They last only a few seconds then you can get back to your class.

4. Fiverr Courses

Fiverr is a multifaceted platform. You can sign up as a freelancer on the platform and learn one of their courses. Once you complete a beginner course and pass, you then add it to your profile and they’ll show it to your customers.

Then when you’re confident to start finding work, you can create your first gig. Let clients know the service you’re offering them. Wait for clients to get in touch while you share your gig with your networks on social media.

5. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is also a great place to start. It has virtual assistant training programs of all kinds. The instructors on the platform are well-trained, and they simplify complex subjects and make learning fun.

While there’s no free subscription, LinkedIn may offer you a free trial just like SkillShare. During the free trial, take as many courses as you’d like. But remember to understand the concepts instead of consuming volumes of content that will not help you.

Take your time and learn wholeheartedly. Repeat the classes you don’t understand until you’re comfortable.

6. YouTube

Finally, YouTube is another great platform when you use it correctly. The best way to learn on YouTube is to find a channel that offers a free course. You’ll find that such a channel will have organized videos so that you know which video to watch next.

If you find and are not sure of the best channels, inquire from your virtual assistant network on social media. They’ll often suggest some great courses to start with.

Follow these best practices to learn on YouTube efficiently:

  • Don’t hop from one channel to the other. You’ll be confused and lose focus.

  • Practice as you learn, especially if you’re learning courses such as graphic design

Join the Royal VA Community for Beginners

Taking a course is the first step towards actualizing your VA career. Choose one of the above platforms then join the Royal VA community and see what other beginners are up to.

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