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Here Are Some Instagram Threads Ideas for Businesses

Now would be a great time to learn the best Instagram Threads ideas for your business. There is so much hype attached to Threads, but that only matters if it will help you achieve your social media marketing goals.

But again, you cannot hate the app if you are not using it for its right purpose. Every social media platform is unique, hence requires a different marketing strategy and content. For example, Threads is pretty much like Twitter. Some experts are calling it a 'Twitter clone.'

So, let's find out what ideas you need to post on Threads to benefit your business starting now when it’s still in an early stage.

Instagram Threads Ideas - Threads Logo

What is Instagram Threads?

You must first understand the app's concept before you find the ideas that work best for Threads. Threads is Meta's text-based social media platform that allows you to post, reply to other users, and follow the profiles of users who interest you.

Your posts and replies on this social media platform can range from texts, links, videos, photos, or a combination. Like other social media platforms, you can have real-time conversations with others on Threads.

However, the app lacks the direct messaging (DM) feature. You will wait a bit longer before you have private conversations with your clients.

Threads is a microblogging social media platform that has been likened to Twitter. Therefore, like on Twitter, you can also repost, reply to or quote other users in your Threads Posts.

One of the interesting concepts about the app is that you must have an Instagram account to be on Threads. The app immediately prompts you to "log in with Instagram."

Also, you can skip the whole setting up a profile process and instead import it from Instagram. Moreover, you also don't have to worry about followers on Threads. You can simply use the "follow all" button to follow all the accounts you have been following on Instagram.

Note: you can edit all the other details of your profile on Threads except changing your name. Your name will only change after you have edited it on your Instagram account.

So, what are the Threads ideas you can implement for your business? Let’s find out below.

Use Threads to Make Brand Announcements

One of Thread's noticeable features is the high number of characters for a post. You can write up to 500 characters for a post on Threads compared to 280 characters provided on Twitter.

The character limit makes the platform ideal for making brand announcements. Post updates about your business events or product and service changes.

Usually, there is a preferable way of making such announcements to ensure they don't leave customers with more questions than answers. Your communication should include the following vital components.

  • What is the message?

  • Why are you relating the message?

  • How does the proposed change or event benefit or affect the customers?

  • When does it occur?

  • Who will be involved?

As you can see, incorporating all these components in your brand communication may require a longer post.

Boost Your SEO Marketing

Threads may be new, but it provides an excellent platform to make your SEO marketing strategy successful. Explore many content alternatives to identify which fits your social media marketing strategy.

One of these competitive advantages is the obvious integration with Instagram. Imagine having two competitive social media platforms as a package deal.

In this case, create a blog mashed up with amazing visual content, post on Threads, and share on Instagram. For example, make 'how to' videos for your new product, post, and direct people to learn more on your blog.

With this strategy, your customers can access your brand's various content types without searching numerous keywords.

Use Instagram Threads to Improve Customer Engagements

Instagram Threads Ideas - Royal Assistants Threads account

If you have been following the latest news, you know that some businesses have been at loggerheads with Twitter. The brands have raised concerns about the increased subscription costs and the decline in posts a user can view.

Threads has countered this by providing more interaction options. Customers can interact with your brand by replying to your posts, reposting, quoting, or sharing them. Such interactions ensure your content reaches and impacts many of your target customers.

Use Threads To Promote Your Special Offers

There is a lot of excitement with the launch of Instagram Threads. The social media platform is already boasting about 100 million signups within the first week of launch, with a record 30 million signing up within 24 hours of its launch.

You can choose to be amazed at these figures or take advantage of the many curious subscribers to promote your brand's special offers. At this stage, most of these subscribers are curious onlookers open to all the information they can find.

Moreover, Threads posts are now visible to every member, including those not following you. Therefore, take advantage to directly promote your product and services before some sort of system is established.

The strategy worked fine for the early adopters of TikTok. So, there is no ruling out the possibility of success on Threads. Moreover, it gives you an edge in developing a workable strategy for promoting your products and services on the platform.

What You Cannot Use Threads for

Of course, there are very many advantages to being an early adopter. For example, you will be among the first businesses to develop and test social media strategies that work for Threads.

In such an evolving digital world, that's no small feat. It offers your brand a competitive edge because you will always be ahead of the rest in understanding the platform's dynamics.

For example, on Twitter, Netflix was among the first brands to try and perfect a customer care strategy (@Netflixhelps). The strategy worked perfectly in helping Netflix build and maintain strong customer relationships, eventually leading to many people following their pages on Twitter.

However, there are some downsides to early adoption. Threads lacks some necessary features, or certain improvements may have to be made to satisfy your business needs best. Here are some ideas you may have to put on hold for implementing Instagram Threads.

You Cannot Use it to Implement a CRM Strategy

A customer care strategy may have worked effectively for Netflix on Twitter but may not work for your business on Threads. That is because the platform lacks customer relationship management features to enable you to deliver efficient customer care.

For example, it lacks a direct messaging (DM) feature. DMs allow you to deliver personalized care and develop personal relationships with your customers on social media. It offers your customers an opportunity to have private conversations with your brand.

DMs also offer a chance to respond to customer inquiries and provide personal assistance. It is also ideal for both parties when resolving customer issues because there is no character limit on a DM. A private conversation with a customer away from the public page will help you do some damage control.

You can see how important direct messaging is for customer relationship management, a feature that is missing on Threads.

It is Not Ideal for Creating Brand Awareness

Instagram Threads Ideas - threads screenshot of follow all

Creating brand awareness is one of the primary roles of social media. Every platform has put in place measures to help you offer your brand a greater reach among your target customers.

However, you may not effectively implement this strategy on the new Threads platform. Threads lack features such as Hashtags and a search button. Yet these features play a major role in making your brand known to many target customers.

A hashtag makes it easier for your target customers to follow your brand's communication on social media. Hashtags also play a vital role in making your brand awareness content viral.

Hashtags create curiosity among your target audience, which attracts more eyeballs to your content. The trick is to use researched keywords to determine your content's hashtags. For example, #Threads was a trending hashtag during the official launch of the new social media platform.

On the other hand, a search button allows your target customers to search for relevant content on a social platform. For example, a customer in the consideration stage of the buyer cycle may want relevant information about your products or services.

That may be harder for them to find on Threads because it has no search button.

Do Instagram Threads Fit Into Your Marketing Strategies?

The most critical question you need to answer right now is whether Threads fits into your marketing strategy. If you’re still finding it difficult to answer reach out today, and let's help you find the right answers.

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