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How an Online Business Manager for Coaches Will Help You Get Back Your Freedom

There are many reasons you should consider hiring an online business manager for coaches. One of the main ones is the prospect of getting your freedom back.

An online coaching business can be an engaging one. You have to create enough time for your clients so you can offer them quality coaching. Moreover, online coaching requires you to have a flexible schedule if you want new clients.

But, between creating and maintaining your schedule, preparing your coaching sessions, and coaching your various clients, you barely have enough time for your family. So, the idea of finally getting some freedom and time to yourself is certainly good news for you.

Who is Online Business Manager (OBM)

An online business manager is a remote-based support professional who manages projects, team members, and daily business operations on behalf of a business owner. An OBM could also help you create custom strategies for your business and assist you in implementing these strategies.

An OBM would be equated to an operations manager in a traditional business setting. An OBM synchronizes and manages different aspects of your business and helps streamline processes, including simplifying how your business operates.

A common misconception about OBM is that they are a virtual assistant. The truth is that an OBM has a leadership and managerial role in fulfilling your business, such as handling complex tasks and managing teams.

So, when you hire an OBM, you have to be open to giving them the freedom to make certain operational business decisions without consulting you. That should inform you of the skills level to look for when hiring your online manager.

Why You Need an OBM in Your Online Coaching Business

An OBM frees your time so you can focus your energy on activities only you can perform in your business. In your case, you are offering professional coaching services to your customers.

The OBM will create business processes to streamline and simplify your business operation. They ensure your business keeps ticking while you focus on growth.

Here are some more benefits of having an online business manager in your coaching business:

  • Improving business productivity

  • Assist you in making some business decisions

  • Overseeing the daily business operations

  • Contribute to your business growth

  • Initiating and overseeing some of your business projects

Specifically, an OBM will help you get your freedom back in the following ways

They Will Manage Your Marketing Projects

Your online coaching business requires clients to continue existing and growing. Therefore, you must maintain active marketing campaigns to create awareness and attract potential clients.

While marketing is necessary for your business, it can also take much time and energy as a business owner. That means stealing some precious “you time” or time you could fit extra clients into your schedule.

Marketing also requires brainstorming to create marketing ideas and develop creative ways to implement them. That entails managing a team of virtual assistants tasked with contributing to the various activities in your business marketing project.

But having an online business manager means you don’t have to worry about all this. The OBM will develop your marketing campaigns and oversee their implementation.

Moreover, the OBM will be in charge of selecting and managing your online marketing team. Your OBM will set up the team and approve their relevant tasks without your input.

Customer Relationship Management

A large part of an online service business, such as your coaching services, comes from customer referrals. Therefore, you cannot afford to take chances with managing your clients.

But you already play an important role in CRM by providing quality coaching services. Yet that is not enough to keep even the potential customers happy.

You need to engage in other CRM activities, such as keeping in touch with your customers through email marketing. CRM can also be achieved through other means, such as timely feedback and personalization of customer communication.

Your OBM will address any customer concerns and be responsible for maintaining your customers happy. That includes suggesting ways to improve the quality of services you offer to your business.

Hiring and Managing Your Team

As your coaching business grows, so do the tasks that need to be accomplished. Therefore, you will need a team to help you grow and scale your business.

Most importantly, you require a point man with business management skills to help you make important business decisions. For example, deciding the number and type of employees, you need for your business.

An OBM saves you from having to worry about such decisions. Their operation management skills and experience make them better to make such human resource decisions.

Given that they help recruit these employees, it becomes easier for them to manage your team. Your OBM will be an important link between you and your team.

Moreover, having an OBM means you don’t have to spend extra time approving your team’s tasks and managing project progress.

Streamlining your Business Processes

You can never achieve the freedom you desire unless you streamline your business processes. Because most of your business processes are repetitive tasks.

An OBM will help you identify repetitive tasks and inefficient processes. They will then use the relevant automation tools to streamline your business processes and improve efficiency. In the end, you will enjoy your peace of mind as a business owner.

Get in Touch for Online Business Management for Your Coaching Business

Your freedom as a coach is just a click away. See our purpose as your online business manager and get in touch now. we’ll help you get your freedom and grow your business.


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