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SuiteDash VS Other CRMS- What You Should Know

If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between SuiteDash vs other CRMs, you’re not alone. We’ve talked to some business people who also don’t differentiate between these client relationship management tools.

Yet all of these CRM software address the unique challenges businesses face. The question is, what can SuiteDash do for your business better than any other CRMs?

The best way to answer this question is by comparing the difference between SuiteDash and other CRMs. We’ll make it easy by identifying the unique features of SuiteDash and comparing them against Dubsado, Zoho, Honeybook, Agile, and Flowlu below.

Client Management & Experience

One of the primary reasons for investing in a CRM is to automate the client management process. You want a system that allows you to manage your clients efficiently and maintain better relationships with them.

SuiteDash has features that make managing clients a bliss. It has a CRM feature that divides your clients into leads, prospects, and clients. The division of clients into these categories makes it easier to personalize your service level.

Dubsado has one of the most robust client management capabilities. It allows you to create client portals where your clients can see everything related to their projects. The client management portal also enables you to organize clients' projects, track progress, and see any client communications. Maybe this is the reason some users say Dubsado is more complex as compared to SuiteDash.

Plutio allows you to create client portals where customers can interact with your business. It also allows for a direct approach where clients can create their projects or delegate the work to a team member. However, unlike SuiteDash, Plutio has fewer features that would help improve your client's experience.

HoneyBook centralizes all your client management functions for more efficiency. You can communicate, schedule tasks, and create online contracts under the client's portal. The portal also allows your clients to make payments automatically.

Agiled also allows for collaboration with your clients. It has an easy drag-and-drop editor that enables you to manage all your client's invoices, subscriptions, and contact information in one place. However, it does not provide as much client portal customization as you would find on SuiteDash.

Zoho is easy to use for both you and your clients. It has numerous applications for customer engagement to help you provide seamless experiences to your customers. It has a friendly user interface, which makes for a better customer experience.

Flowlu allows you to manage business prospects in your sales funnel. The integration makes it easier to track new opportunities and generate leads for your business.

Project Management

You haven't achieved full business automation if you are yet to automate how you manage your client's projects. You want good oversight, clarity, organization, and the ability to automate your project management.

Here is how SuiteDash compares to other CRMs in managing projects:

SuiteDash helps you manage projects by allowing you to view client projects in a list view, timeline view, and card view. The CRM also has the Kanban view that some other software lack. It also enables you to improve communication about each project with its two chat boxes. One chatbox is for communicating with the team working on the projects while the other is for communicating with your customers.

Dubsado is more of a project management tool, which gives it an edge over the others. The software automates all the administrative work involved in project management. You can manage all your clients from a single dashboard. It also allows you to automate your entire workflow, which makes it efficient.

Plutio has three project filterable views: list view, timeline view, and card view. Each project has its title, budget, client, status, and progress bar. It also comes with other competitive project management features: a project timesheet with a summary of all hours logged in by the entire team.

Plutio also has a wiki where you can create a knowledge base for your team and clients, and you can customize it to reflect your brand. Finally, it has a chat box where you can share messages, attachments, media, and checklists with your team and clients.

Honeybook has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to view and track the various stages of your client's projects. However, the software has less automation capability, which may limit your project management capabilities.

Also, it integrates with far lesser tools compared to SuiteDash, which has tools that improve your project management efficiency.

Agiled has unique Gantt chart views that show the progress of each project, and that you can share with your team via a public link. It also has a project burndown chart that helps you coordinate your team so you can complete projects on time. However, compared to SuiteDash, it lags in project automation.

Zoho- much of this software's competitiveness as a project management tool is its high automation and ease of use. It has automation features that make it easy to import project data and reconcile it within the same platform. The kanban view also makes it easy to manage projects and data. It has other project management features, such as Zoho blueprints, Gantt charts, issue tracking, and project timesheets that users like.

Flowlu allows you to have a clear view of the various business projects in their respective progress stage. In Flowlu, it is also easy to create related projects with a predetermined course of action quickly.

That makes it easy to estimate project expenses, predict revenue, and compare these estimates to the actual outcomes. As the team leader, Flowlu will enable you to break down bigger tasks into manageable subtasks you can assign to the team members.

Payment Processing

When looking for business automation software, you want one that simplifies your invoice and payment process. In this respect, you want a payment process that is fast and convenient for you and your customers.

SuiteDash offers you more payment options than any other software. Your clients can pay you with credit cards, cash, checks, gift cards, and even barter. It also supports many methods like PayPal, Stripe,, and Braintree. Also, when your client is on a subscription plan, the system automatically charges the client's card during the next payment period.

SuiteDash also makes the preparation of invoices easier for you. You can prepare an estimated invoice amount from the time tracked and send it to your clients. If the customer approves the estimates, the system automatically converts them into an invoice for payment.

It also offers you more freedom on how to structure your invoice, for example, whether to include taxes and discounts. You can also allow for partial payments, online payments, third-party payments, and automatic thank-you messages.

Dubsado has automated creating and sending of client invoices. It will automatically send your client an invoice after the client sends their contract. You will also be able to create a custom payment plan for certain clients in Dubsado.

The software makes it possible to automatically send recurring invoices to these clients and even send them a reminder when an invoice is overdue.

Plutio- the striking attribute of creating an online invoice with Plutio is that you can categorize your invoices. The categories are one-time, multiple, and recurring payment invoices. You can automate the invoice creation process by adding the document to your clients' proposals and forms.

Honeybook allows you to create an online invoice for your clients by adding items such as products, services, or pricing information from an auto-saved item bank.

Agiled enables you to create custom invoice templates that you can easily send directly to your clients from your website. It also integrates with payment methods, such as Stripe, PayPal, and Razorpay, which are more convenient for clients. However, compared to SuiteDash, it offers limited options.

Zoho Invoice enables you to create perfect and professional invoices in seconds. You can choose from a gallery of beautiful templates for your invoice and personalize it with your company logo. You will also be able to automate recurring invoices, and your clients have numerous payment options to choose from.

Flowlu- the one thing you will love about preparing invoices with Flowlu is the customization you can make to the invoice templates. You can change the layout, add your brand logo, apply a color scheme, and include a personal message.

You will also be able to calculate your taxes and shipping charges for single-line items or invoice totals. Moreover, it will notify you once a client pays an invoice.

Automate Your Business with SuiteDash Today

Whether you have settled for SuiteDash or any other CRM software, your automation journey begins here. Choose your automation package here and we’ll help you install a suitable and streamlined CRM that will make it easy to manage your business.


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