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5 Holiday Email Marketing Campaign Ideas You Should Try This Year

Holidays are a great time to sell more by using some of the best holiday email marketing campaign ideas. People are likely to shop more during the holidays because they have the time to read emails, browse social media, and search Google.

According to the National Retail Federation, the holiday season contributes 20-30% of retailers’ annual sales. Therefore, you should target more holiday sales by using some of the following strategies.

Why You Need an Email Marketing Campaign This Holiday Season

During the 2021 holiday season, the total retail sales grew by 14.1% from the previous year to $886.7billion. Online retail sales grew by 11.3% during the same period.

Retail sales grow because businesses hugely influence the holiday season purchase behaviors of their consumers. About 70% of customers rely on promotions, discount offers, and coupons to influence their holiday season purchase behaviors.

Email marketing campaigns are an effective way to inform your customers of these promotions. Consumers whose purchases are triggered by email marketing are likely to spend 138% more than those who don’t receive holiday email offers. On the other hand, email marketing is responsible for 20% of online holiday site visits.

To benefit from these trends, try these email marketing campaigns ideas.

1. Embrace Email Marketing Automation

The success of your holiday email marketing campaign hinges on the level of automation you have achieved in your business. Automation offers you efficiency in your email marketing campaigns.

Remember that the holiday season is not here to stay. Therefore, you want to maximize your sales within the short time available. That means getting the right message to the right people before it is too late.

Here are email automation strategies you can adopt.

  • Use lead scoring to determine the warm leads to target for your email campaigns

  • Schedule abandoned cart email workflows- avoid taking chances with abandoned carts during this email season.

  • Accelerate your email subscription rate for the holiday season- schedule seasonal welcome emails with special discounts for new email subscribers.

2. Send Gift Guide Emails

People often face the pressure of choosing the perfect gifts to give their family members and friends. You can make it easier by offering them gift ideas to choose from.

Imagine the reaction of such a customer when they open their email tomorrow and find one with the subject line “How to shop for the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones.”

Of course, that is a must-open email for such a customer. That would be your perfect gift to that customer.

The gift guide email will enable you to drive traffic to your e-commerce site. Your CTA for that email should convince the customer to enter your online shop and browse some of the gifts in the gift guide.

Follow these strategies to develop gift guides that drive traffic to your site:

  • Develop a gift guide that relates to the product and services you are selling

  • Use high-quality images for the sample gifts you use in your guide

  • Ensure that your email layout emphasizes your products and CTA.

  • Include colors, fonts, and images that set the holiday mood

  • Include interactive elements such as animations, GIFs, and videos that highlight the festive mood

3. Send a Christmas Sale Announcement Email

The climax of the holiday season is Christmas. That’s why Christmas shopping creates a buzz among shoppers.

And as is the tradition, there is no Christmas without Christmas offers. By this time, almost all your customers have their shopping lists ready. They are eagerly waiting for you to declare the Christmas sale offers officially.

Every shopper is looking for something special from you. Be it a discount offer, coupons, or price slash. And you shouldn’t disappoint such eager customers because they’re most likely your loyal customers.

Email marketing is the perfect technique to announce Christmas sales. However, ensure you announce your sale early enough to trigger interest from numerous buyers.

Create a holiday-themed email that gets the customers excited over your sale. You can also borrow a leaf from how Hollywood releases their movies. They start with a trailer or teaser that gets customers excited and looking forward to the movie or in your case, the sale.

4. Launch Order Before “Date” Offers

The holiday season is a hectic period for delivery companies. Free shipping offer encourages a lot of online holiday shopping. Hence, increased pressure on delivery companies to make very many deliveries within a short time.

The greatest disappointment to such shoppers is when their holiday gifts are not delivered on time. And you don’t want this happening to your customers, as it may lead to many returns.

Therefore, you can deliver an email marketing campaign encouraging your customers to start their holiday shopping early to avoid shipping delays.

You can even make the offer more enticing to your customers. Include an added discount or free overnight shipping offers for customers that start their holiday shopping early.

5. Increase Emphasis on Discounts, Sales, and Promotions

Holiday offers trigger holiday shopping. Customers want to know what products they can get at a discounted rate or which business offers holiday shopping coupons.

Therefore, your emails will be less attractive to them if it lacks any of these elements. Discounts set the holiday mood right for your email recipients.

Don’t forget to feature your holiday products while at it. It would be best to feature products with a good sales record over the holiday season. At least this is a success you can build on in your email marketing campaigns.

Start Automating Your Holiday Email Marketing Campaign Now

You shouldn’t miss out on this year’s holiday season sale bonanza. Automate your email marketing today by choosing your automation package here. We will get the systems up and running in time and set up your email campaigns in time.


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