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2 Automated Email Responses to Send to Your Clients

When we hear automated email responses, here is what we remember. A report by Deloitte shows that employees use 28% of their weekly work hours responding to emails.

That should tell you that only 72% of weekly hours are spent outside emails. Remember, this includes lunches and breaks that employees have to take everyday.

Since you cannot say no to lunches and short breaks as they are necessary, then it would help if you minimize the time that you and your employees spend on single tasks such as emailing responses.

Here are five automated responses you can send to your clients to save time and money.

automated email responses

Thank You Emails

When a client books a call with you, they’re often eager to speak to you. Therefore, it would help if you send them a thank you email that assures them that you’ll be with them during the call.

It eases tension and gives the client a positive appeal towards your business. It may also motivate the client to work with you when they see that you’re responsive. An automated email response will save you a lot of time here because you can send the same thank you email to all your clients.

Follow Up After a Call

After a call, some clients may have questions. Some may promise to give you a response within a few days and then end up forgetting. Either way, it would help your business if you send a follow-up email after a call.

And instead of sitting for hundreds of hours sending customized follow-up emails to each client you talk to, you may benefit by sending a follow-up automated email response.

automated email responses

Save 28% of Working Hours Every Year via Automation

Sending automated emails may now save your business 28% of the yearly working hours. This time could be spent on profit-generating activities like signing up new clients and forming relationships with new ones. Get in touch today for automation of these two and more email responses that are in line with your business.


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