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2 Dubsado Workflow Automation that Every Business Coach Needs

When using Dubsado workflow automation for the first time, you may feel as if everyone has been lying about its benefits. Honestly, that’s how some business coaches feel so you’re not alone.

But believe us when we tell you that once you learn how to use this powerful tool, you’ll be the one recommending it to everyone else. While it has many workflows that would benefit your coaching business, here, we will focus on our top two.

So, here are two workflow automation you’re missing out on if you’re not yet automating using Dubsado.

dubsado workflow automation

Billing Automation

As Melissa Morris says, tracking all your invoices can be a real pain if you’re doing it manually. You have to remember when to send each invoice, track who has paid and who you need to follow up with to get your invoice paid and do so much more.

All these take a lot of time, and if you were to calculate the opportunity cost, you’d be surprised how much you’re losing by billing your clients manually. However, with Dubsado, all you need is to set up an automatic billing workflow.

The best time to do this is when onboarding your clients. The end is a win-win for you as you’ll save time and not have to endure the annoying manual follow-ups.

Client Portal

The client portal is hands down one of the best Dubsado workflow automation we’ve seen so far. It enables you to manage all your clients in one place. You can then share files, emails, logins, links, images and so much more from the portal.

This onboarding automation software is a lifesaver, especially for those of us whose emails and Google Drive get messed up so quickly. Your clients don’t have to look for emails you sent last month to find a document.

Instead, they just need to look it up on the portal within seconds. It is pain-free, takes less time, and keeps you highly organized.

dubsado workflow automation

Automate Your Business Using Dubsado Today

The only way to enjoy the Dubsado workflow automation is by implementing them in your coaching business. These workflows will keep you organized and efficient leaving you with more time to connect with clients and find new ones.

However, if the automation feels intimidating to you, get in touch with us any time. We use Dubsado every day and know our way around everything the tool has to offer.


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