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5 Ways SuiteDash, an Online CRM Software for Small Business, Will Save You

Are you trying to figure out the best online CRM software for small businesses? We would be lying if we told you the process isn’t overwhelming. However, you should be glad to know that you have reached that crucial point of making your business competitive.

Excellent CRM software should help your business efficiently manage your customer data and streamline your sales process. And it should not require numerous tools or systems to help you accomplish this.

SuiteDash is the perfect software to help you accomplish this.

Source: SuiteDash

What is SuiteDash?

SuiteDash is a cloud-based client dashboard software that integrates all business capabilities and tools. It is designed to provide users with a more solid alternative to learning and implementing several systems. Think of it as a system with the automation tools you need for your small business.

Its affordability and efficiency make it more suited for small and medium-sized enterprises. SuiteDash offers businesses a powerful platform to handle customer relationships, manage projects, track time, develop viable schedules, and perform sales and marketing strategies.

There is more…..

SuiteDash can be customized based on your business needs. Therefore, you can manage projects by tracking progress and updating tasks for your team members. Here are some ways SuiteDash can benefit your business.

1. CRM Automation

SuiteDash automates your CRM, making it easier for you to organize and interact with your contacts. It allows you to classify your contacts (leads, prospects, and clients). The role you assign to each contact is determined by their movement through your sales funnel.

You also have the freedom to customize your client’s portal. The software offers you the freedom to replace all spaces with their name/logo and replace it with your business branding. That includes using your brand colors and a customized URL.

The software also automates actions for your contacts depending on the classification. For example, you can send automated customized onboarding messages for every new lead you add to your contact list.

Furthermore, it automates repetitive client management tasks like invoicing, file sharing, and private messaging. Hence, saving you a lot of time.

2. Cloud File Storage and Transfer

You don’t have to worry about running out of storage space or losing vital client records from your database. SuiteDash is a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) tool that is fully cloud-based. Therefore, all your data and files are stored in a secure SSL encrypted server environment.

Having a cloud-based system in your business means you don’t have to be worried about losing vital data. The system will automatically manage, maintain, and back up all the data.

The stored data can be remotely accessed using a web browser or mobile device. Moreover, you can securely share relevant files and information with your clients online. For example, you can send your client a contract online for them to sign.

3. It is Cost-Effective for a Small Business

One of the reasons startups shy away from automation is the costs involved. Despite understanding the competitive advantage of business automation, entrepreneurs cannot afford some of the available tools. And sometimes, the affordable tools fail to deliver the desired output for your business.

The story is very different for SuiteDash. It will save you from investing in multiple tools and the software you need for business automation. It comes as a centralized system for all these tools and software at the same affordable price.

And you don’t have to pay immediately. SuiteDash offers you a 14-day trial before paying your selected plan. The starter plan is available for an affordable monthly rate of $19.

4. Email Marketing

When choosing a business automation tool, you always want to know how it adds value to your email marketing. Because email marketing is now an affordable marketing technique for small businesses.

SuiteDash has a unique way of adding value to your email marketing through its drip campaigns feature. The attribute allows you to add contacts to your marketing lists easily and automatically move them to new email lists based on triggers or actions.

The drip sequence lets you send automated emails to contacts after subscribing to your email list. You can automate the process by creating several emails that will go out in a cycle in a sequence. For example, day 1, 3, 7, 14, 21….etc.

You can simplify this process by first creating customized email campaign templates. Having a prepared template helps you avoid the hassle of preparing a new framework from scratch whenever you want to send emails to your contacts.

5. Easy Integration

SuiteDash integrates with popular apps and software seamlessly. Examples include Zapier, Paypal, WordPress, Stripe, QuickBooks, and Zoom. Its integration attribute is inbuilt, so no configuration is required when integrating it with other features.

It is also mobile compatible. Therefore, making it easier to manage your clients from your smart devices. Your customers enjoy the same efficiency on the other end.

How do You Enjoy the Features of This Online CRM Software for Small Businesses?

SuiteDash is all about integration. Therefore, it requires you to have an integrated business system for you to enjoy all the features it has to offer. We will help with integrating your system here to help you concentrate on the front-end aspects of your business. Once the integration is complete, you can sit back and enjoy all the benefits SuiteDash has to offer your business.


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