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How Many Clients Can a Virtual Assistant Have and Be Efficient?

How many times have you asked yourself the question: how many clients can a virtual assistant have? Many beginner VAs ask themselves this question almost every day. Because they don’t have enough experience to help them answer this question.

The good thing is that by asking this question, it means you’re planning well for your business.

To help you get your answers, let’s start by understanding why you need more than one client.

Why You Need Multiple Clients in Your VA Business

The day you decided to become a virtual assistant is the same day you decided that being an employee is not your portion. An employee works 9 to 5 while a virtual assistant works any time of the day. A VA also doesn’t have to work 9 to 5.

That’s the first reason you should work with multiple clients. But, there are more specific reasons why you shouldn’t rely on one client for your income. Some of these reasons include:

  • Your client may run out of money and let you go suddenly.

Remember, you’re not an employee so you don’t know what’s happening on the other end. That’s why this may come as a surprise to you.

  • A single client may not fulfill your income requirement

If you need to pay bills worth $2,000 and have only one client paying you $1,000/month, then it means you need another client or two to satisfy your income.

  • Your client may hire a full-time employee

The truth is that you’re helping your client grow their business. And when you do that successfully, they may now need someone to check on their business every day. If you’re not available to work as an employee, then it means you’ll lose the client as they may need only one person to fulfill all their requirements.

  • Your client may retire

Hence, you need another high paying client to sustain your income as you look for new people to work with.

  • Your client may hire another virtual assistant who’s a better fit for their business

Not all clients will be a good fit for you, and you won’t be a good fit for everyone who needs your services. That’s why you should caution yourself by working with more than one client in case such things happen to you.

How to Determine the Number of Clients You Need

You can work with as many clients as you’d like. But just because the floor is open for you doesn’t mean you should sign clients anyhow. There’s a limit to the number of clients you can work with if you want to be efficient and enjoy your job.

Hence, here’s a process to help you determine the number of clients to work with monthly.

Step 1 Determine Your Income Goal

How much income do you want to earn every month? Answer this question first before you even ask how to get clients who’ll pay you your worth.

To determine this, compile a list of your monthly bills. Then set a monthly savings target. Your savings will take care of you on rainy days, and you never know when this day will come.

Add your target savings to your total monthly bills. The total is your target monthly income.

Step 2 Design Packages for Your Services

You need to design price packages for your services so that you can have a structure in your business. You certainly don’t want to design new pricing every time you land a new client as this will be tiring. And it’ll lead to confusion.

Develop two or three pricing packages so that your clients have options to choose from. Some clients may want to buy your lowest package to see how you work before buying the expensive package. That’s why you need packages to avoid missing out on such clients.

Learn how to design good packages here if you still don’t know how to do it.

Step 3 Divide Your Target Income by the Highest Package

Divide your income by the highest package and the answer is the number of clients you should work with per month. We’re dividing it by the highest package because you obviously want clients who’ll pay you the highest.

Hint: high-paying clients are also the best to work with based on our research from VA groups on Facebook.

Step 4 Look for These Clients in the Right Places

Now that you’re all set, you need to look for clients who’ll pay for your highest package in the right places. If you have already determined your ideal target market, you already know where they hang out.

But if you haven’t done that, you’ll most likely land great clients on LinkedIn, Facebook groups, or job sites such as Upwork.

Once you sign the contract, deliver your best and hope that the clients work with you long term.

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You may feel lonely in the journey of finding your target clients to work with you. But, you can eliminate the loneliness, worry, and confusion by interacting with other virtual assistants. Join the Royal Community of VAs now and share your experiences as you learn the strategies other professionals are using to earn high incomes.

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