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How to Use Dubsado Smart Fields to Personalize Your Emails

Personalizing your emails using Dubsado smart fields is a bold move. The smart fields minimize your admin work. Hence, you save time to do other value-adding tasks in your business.

There is so much you can do after personalizing your emails using smart fields. In addition, you can also add smart fields to the subject line of your email. Doing so will help you save so much time as it auto-fills the information you have already collected. Therefore, no more manually editing every email, you send to your clients.

So, how do you make all this magic happen? Let’s find that out in the following discussion.

What are Smart Fields?

They are data dictionary items with one or more business functions attached. In simpler terms, it is a text placeholder that you can use in your email and create templates that autofill when added to a project.

Each smart field template is associated with a particular business view. However, smart fields in a template utilize similar business view columns for data selection. It is easy to identify smart fields in your Dubsado as they come with double curly braces. For example, {{}}. The following are some details you can autofill into a form with smart fields.

  • Client contact information

  • Date

  • Your business contact information

  • Invoice details

  • Packaging details

What You Should Know About Dubsado Smart Fields

They may be called smart fields, but they are not smart to the levels you may hope. They will not exactly do everything for you. However, you will love that they will save you from having to do repetitive tasks in the future.

While smart fields will help autofill information in your email, they can only do so if the information is already fed into your Dubsado. Therefore, you cannot enjoy the benefits of smart fields without first feeding all the information you want to be featured into your Dubsado. For example, if you want the client’s address to feature somewhere in your email, make sure it is in Dubsado’s system.

The fantastic part is that you don’t have to input this information manually. You can use the Dubsado question mapping feature to capture the relevant information. Dubsado has various fields it can map. Also, you still have the option of developing a custom map for things, not in their list of fields.

How to Insert a Smart Field in a Dubsado Form

You can only insert smart fields into text box elements on your Dubsado form by following these simple steps:

  • Add a text box element to your form

  • Click on the text box to edit

  • Click the area in the text where you want to insert the smart filed

  • Click the smart field menu located in the toolbar and click on a smart field to insert into your form.

There you go. You now have a smart field inserted into your form.

Using Smart Fields in Your Canned Emails and Forms

Automating with Dubsado guarantees you several default canned emails. But what are they? They are email templates that you send one-off to your clients or use in workflows. Dubsado offers you the option to edit the canned emails provided in their system. Alternatively, you may build more when the need arises.

There is also the option to utilize smart fields to add all the information you want to field into your canned emails automatically. Adding a smart field to the canned emails means you can now personalize the information automatically added to the emails you send through a project. Here are the steps you will follow to include a smart field in your canned email.

  • Click any area in your text where you would want to insert the smart field

  • Select a smart field from the dropdown menu in the toolbar and insert it.

The process is no different from the one we discussed of inserting smart fields into text box elements on your form. Remember, the smart field will not autofill any information while you are editing your template.

Have You Automated Yet?

There is no reason you should not take full advantage of Dubsado Smart Fields. They are simple to use and will allow you to personalize most of your forms and emails without manually doing it. However, you cannot take advantage of all these benefits if you have not automated your systems in the first place. Why miss out on all these freedoms because of simple automation? We can help you achieve this freedom by automating the business systems for you.


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