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Mailchimp Secrets That Will Help Your Business Grow in 6 Months

In addition to sending out monthly email newsletters, there are more Mailchimp for growing your business that you should know. You probably have heard the buzz that Mailchimp automation can increase your business leads by figures even you cannot imagine.

Some will even go to the extent of saying that Mailchimp automation will boost your business sales.

The challenge for you is that you cannot figure out how people manage to achieve such numbers. Are they using the same Mailchimp as you? To answer your question, yes, they are.

The difference is that they know other Mailchimp secrets they are not sharing with you. Find out below what you should also do differently to grow your business using Mailchimp.

Secret 1: Sequenced Emails for New Customer Onboarding

Sending your customers some weekly emails and monthly newsletters is a great way to engage them. The challenge is that the automated newsletters may not achieve the intended goals for certain customers.

Not everyone on your mailing list has been with you since you started your customer communications. Some customers are new to your business. Therefore, sending the same emails with the rest will be like starting a Tv show midway through the season or episode.

Fortunately, Mailchimp enables you to create an introductory email sequence for customers that joined your mailing list. It would be best if you spread it for at least a week. Among things you can share with the new customers include:

  • Welcome message to your business

  • A summary of your business, products, and services.

  • What benefits can they expect to gain by being on your mailing list?

  • Answers to common FAQs

  • Sample testimonials and reviews of your brand and products.

The customer will already be feeling welcome by the time you finish sending this series of emails.

Secret 2: Create Landing Pages for Capturing New Subscribers

Having Mailchimp does not mean you have secured yourself a mailing list. Your mailing list is something you build over time by getting more customers to subscribe to your emails. So, how do you develop this list?

One of the ways to do it is by creating landing pages to help you build on this list. These landing pages help grow your audience base while also promoting your brand. They are an effective way to drive traffic to your social media platforms and even your website.

Once you have created such landing pages, you can increase the rate of customer subscription by sending them Mailchimp opt-in bonuses. You do this by creating creative content such as mini-training courses, discount codes, and downloadable templates. We say innovative because the content you create should appeal to a majority of your audience. Also, feel free to create a landing page that focuses on promoting your opt-in bonus.

Moreover, you can also use landing pages on social media to encourage more people to join the mailing list. Later, you can use the same avenue to send targeted content that can help convert them into customers.

Secret 3: Testimonial or Survey Request

One way to describe Mailchimp is that it is an email marketing tool that enables you to send emails to many recipients at once. It is one of the tools you use when you want to assemble leads and automate your email campaigns.

Here is a Mailchimp secret you probably do not know. The tool offers you hassle-free integration with an e-commerce platform or website. It also offers you the opportunity to create custom emails, especially for your e-commerce site.

One type of such email is the follow-up email. It is the one you send your customer after they have received your product, services, or any other download from your website. The email should help achieve the following:

  • Thank the customer for making the purchase

  • Ask for feedback on the buying process

  • Please provide a link to at least one site where they can give a product review (Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Facebook)

  • Request them to provide a testimonial

Secret 4: Utilize Mailchimp’s Excellent Customer Service

Among the Mailchimp secrets unknown by many is its outstanding customer service. You cannot fault Mailchimp for not being innovative. Their commitment to innovation is part of why it has continued to grow.

Over the years, Mailchimp has created an extensive knowledge base. The knowledge base has enabled them to provide their clients with excellent customer service. Their service reps are always at hand to assist you with any problem you may be facing.

Therefore, there is no reason you should not experience all the benefits Mailchimp offers. Why not take advantage of the excellent customer service to learn how you can use the tool to help grow your business? Use the gathered information to help use the tool to create a competitive advantage.

Secret 5: Follow Up with People Visiting Your Website through Adverts

Have you ever visited a website then mysteriously found ads for their services around the internet? Well, you may not have subscribed to their ads, but it is also not a coincidence that the ads seem to keep following you. The ads are part of the retargeting campaign, which targets prospective customers who have visited a company’s website.

You can use the same affordable but effective marketing strategy to attract new customers to your business. Use your Mailchimp account to create Google display ads, which you will use to retarget your website’s visitors. You can also take up a Mailchimp subscription to run similar retargeting ads on your social media platforms.

Integrate Mailchimp into Your Online Business

Here is another secret you ought to know about Mailchimp. You cannot have all the Mailchimp benefits promised until you have fully integrated Mailchimp with your online business systems. Get in touch now for expert help with systems integration and automation.


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