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The Best Onboarding Automation Software

Have you been searching for the best onboarding automation software? We know it can be intimidating to choose software, especially when you’re presented with tons of options online.

Also, if you’ve never used such software before, you may be confused, especially when you don’t know what to look for in the tool. However, this shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Here is a summary of the top software that we’ve seen clients using and why they love these tools.

onboarding automation software

Gusto is an onboarding automation software that boasts about being an all-in-one platform. The platform offers:

  1. Time tracking

  2. Payroll

  3. Compliance help and

  4. Certified HR experts among other functionalities

The software is easy to customize for both employees and employers. It also has tool integrations that make the onboarding process easier than you could imagine.

If you’re often onboarding clients, and your process is not efficient, you might want to consider Dubsado. Remember that clients are monitoring how you’re working at this stage. Some may decide to call it quits when they find your process taking a long time.

The beauty of Dubsado is that no matter how long your onboarding checklist is, everything gets easy once you automate the process. The software automates lead capture forms, appointment scheduling, and workflow processes.

It saves you and your clients time. Clients may give you more points when they see your process working at this stage. Hence, the tool helps you cultivate trust at an early stage.

onboarding automation software

Which Software Do You Want for Your Onboarding?

The onboarding process is not easy, yet it’s one of the most important stages in cultivating trust with clients. However, with onboarding automation software, the process becomes easy and takes less time compared to a manual process. Let us know which of the two software you admire, and we’ll help automate your onboarding process. Whether you’re using it for clients or employees.


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