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What is SuiteDash & How to Use It in Your Business?

You probably have heard the name SuiteDash thrown around and wondered, “What is SuiteDash?” It is one of the best CRM software available. That’s why you have heard it mentioned more often.

If you’re hearing about it for the first time, don’t worry. You’re about to find out how the software will help you streamline your operations and run your small business efficiently.

Source: SuiteDash

What is SuiteDash?

SuiteDash is a business management solution that allows businesses to streamline operations. It enables businesses do this by hosting workflow optimization, feedback collection, subscription management, and file storage on a centralized platform.

SuiteDash is a multi-tool business management platform that allows your business to communicate and collaborate with its team and clients. The automation tool is fully packed with advanced features that make your business automation dream a reality.

The founder, Mike Lambert, wanted business software that would save him time in his business through automation. And most importantly, a software that would enable him to run his business without micromanagement.

He achieved these goals by creating SuiteDash which enables businesses like yours to enjoy these customizations. Here are some of the goals that the software will help you achieve within the shortest time possible when you maximize its capabilities.

It Will Enable You to Improve Your Customer’s Experience

One of the primary motivations for business automation is to improve customer experience. Your business should aim is to provide excellent customer service and enhance the relationship with your customers.

Business automation helps you achieve this through improved customer communications, efficient processes, and timely completion of orders. SuiteDash CRM feature enables you to achieve this objective by classifying your clients into these three categories:

  • Leads - contacts who are yet to develop a business relationship with your business. These contacts aren’t granted access to the portal.

  • Prospects - you can share all sorts of promotional materials, proposals, and estimations with them. They can also access your portal.

  • Clients - these are customers who have developed a working relationship with your business. They have customized portals, which they use to create projects, receive invoices and add them to respective projects.

The SuiteDash Portal page allows you to fully customize your clients’ portals for better collaboration. You can customize the portal to include the customer’s name with varying colors according to the brand.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most value-adding digital marketing techniques available to small businesses today. Hence, you should look for business automation software for email marketing. And SuiteDash won’t disappoint you in this respect.

Imagine being sure that your customers can never miss your email notifications. SuiteDash makes this a possibility through email branding.

With email branding, customers receive email notifications that originate from your business platform. The feature also allows you to include your business logo in your emails to your customers.

SuiteDash also has a drip campaign feature to improve your email marketing. The drip sequence allows you to send emails to leads that subscribe to your email list.

Project Management

Today, customers want to work with a business that embraces automation. Clients want to understand how their tasks are being undertaken without having to keep enquiring about the level of progress.

SuiteDash offers more project automation freedom by allowing your clients to send their requests directly to the business. That enhances business communication with your customers and offers them more control over their projects.

As a business owner, it is expected that you should have an idea of the projects being handled by your staff members. SuiteDash allows you to view all the business projects, including their stage of progress.

It also offers additional information, such as project title, client, status, budget, progress bar, and members. Moreover, the software allows project managers to estimate the time and money required for each project.

There is more…..

SuiteDash also includes chat boxes. One chat box is for communicating with your team, and another is for communicating with the clients.

You don’t also have to worry about dealing with recurring projects. SuiteDash has project generators that will automatically create pre-configured projects when triggered.

Payment Processing

Preparation of payment invoices can be a tedious process, especially when done manually. It can also be hectic when you make errors in billing your clients.

SuiteDash’s automation makes the process of payment processing easier right from the time-tracking stage. It allows you to easily track your time and convert them into a billable invoice.

The software supports several payment gateways and modes of payment. The client has the option to set up a one-time payment plan or subscription. Clients who subscribe to your services can automatically be charged from their card based on the subscription plan.

The subscription plan also comes with an accumulating generator feature. The features allow you to add items and billable hours to client base subscription pricing. That is for when the prices differ from the agreed subscription rate.

Automate with SuiteDash Today

You can enjoy these features of SuiteDash firsthand by choosing the software. However, the process begins with integrating and streamlining your business systems. But not to worry because you can integrate your systems here and start enjoying the benefits today.


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